Things that got stolen or missing from me since I arrived in Liberia

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This is a non-comprehensive list of all the things that got stolen or missing since I arrived. For those items marked in Bold eyewitness reports or other evidence point towards one criminal, however, prosecution is pointless; those marked in Italics, I conceive suspicion, but am not 100% sure. The rest just disappeared.

I will update this list if necessary. However, being a good Lutheran, I live to his explanation of the 1st commandment, which reads:

That now, I say, upon which you set your heart and put your trust is properly your god.

So – no grief. Those are just things and replaceable. And I guess, you pay a little price for more freedom. And by the way: Before people accuse me of stealing, Robert Linder, USA shot the picture above in 2012!

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