Visiting a vocational school in Kenya

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Visiting my friend Christian in Isiolo, Kenya, I am staying on the school compound of the St. Joseph Polytechnical Youth School. The compound is located on a huge and nicely laid out church areal of the Catholic diocese of Isiolo, where Christian works as principal of this school.

Vocational trainings are a great chance for young men and women, and it is nice to see the Kenyan approach, which comprises a two-year fulltime school training and standardized government examinations. There is a high demand for technical workers in Kenya, and students usually find a job within short time.

Again it showed me that Kenya is a lot further developed than Liberia, which still has vast steps to go and has to tackle more basic challenges. Yet – a good experience and a lot of positive impressions for my work.

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    October 15, 2013

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    Kenya is bridging some gaps and empowering the youth in a multi-faceted approach to make strides in economic empowerment commonly called juakali. The threshold is enormous and there is always a tendancy to ignore the neeedsof the youth. The greatest hinderance is how to sponsor a student to offset the uition fees and latter buy equipment to help them integrate in the informal sector. Fr. Jeremy

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