Strolling along the Indian Ocean

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Bagamoyo – “Lege dein Herz nieder” / “Put down your heart” – once tiny and peaceful village of fishers and farmers, became the main port for the sultan of Zanzibar’s empire to the heart of Africa and its goods: ebony and slaves. Famous discoverers like David Livingstone (who does not remember the famous greeting: “Dr Livingstone, I presume?”) start exploring the African jungle from here, and Bagamoyo develops into a major outpost.

Scientists are still struggling over the interpretation of the name – word of mouth says, Bagamoyo was the last site African slaves ever saw in their lifes on this continent, while early researchers of the Swahili language point to the fact that Bagamoyo was founded after several villages in the surrounding suffered from major epidemics, and provided a safe place for the settlers.

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