Growth Rate

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The World Bank, African Development Bank, and dozens others monitor the development of sub-Saharan countries constantly. I monitor James’ body height in more or less regular intervals:

growth rate James

GDPs are calculated in different ways – so because of the outlook, I took the data from the African Development Bank Group (received Jan 22, 2014, here). My own empirical observation provided me with growth data of James’ body height.

Year Δ GDP Liberia Δ Height James
2012 8.9% 6.3%
2013 7.7% 5.9%
2014 5.4% 5.6%


Let’s see, how that correlates to each other and find out if James’ change in height could function as a predictor for the GDP-change in Liberia. R, my favourite statistics-tool, does it in a really fast way:

> gdpliberia = c(8.9, 7.7, 5.4)
> deltajames = c(6.3, 5.9, 5.6)
> cor(gdpliberia, deltajames)
[1] 0.9659277

Significantly! James’ growth rate and the GDP-growth rate of Liberia correlate in a very strong way. But caution is needed: As 2014-data for James and 2013 and 2014-data for Liberia are projected, we have to prove this theory in one year. Yet for now – remarkable.


  1. HJS

    January 26, 2014

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    Interessant, die Verknüpfung. Pass gut auf James auf, wenn die Wachstumskurve vonLiberia auf einmal steil nach oben geht. Oder: Was passiert aber bei negativem Wachstum? Muss dann James kleiner werden?
    VlG Papa

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