Growth Rate

The World Bank, African Development Bank, and dozens others monitor the development of sub-Saharan countries constantly. I monitor James’ body height in more or less regular intervals: GDPs are calculated in different ways – so because of the outlook, I took the data from the African Development Bank Group (received Jan 22, 2014, here). My own empirical observation provided me with growth data of James’ body height. Year Δ GDP Liberia Δ Height James 2012 8.9% 6.3% 2013 7.7% 5.9% 2014 5.4% 5.6%   Let’s see, how that correlates to each other and find out if James’ change in height could function as a predictor for the GDP-change in Liberia. R, my favourite statistics-tool, does it in a really fast way: > gdpliberia = c(8.9, 7.7, 5.4) > deltajames = c(6.3, 5.9, 5.6) > cor(gdpliberia, deltajames) [1] 0.9659277 Significantly! James’ growth...

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Free Rodney Sieh, free press in Liberia!

Critical Journalist arrested – Newspaper shut down

Wednesday, the editor of one of the few critical newspapers in Liberia was arrested after failing to pay a fine of $1.5m to a former government official. A court decision was made against him, stating that the newspaper falsely reported about corrupt practices of said official. The farce is, an official government report stated him to be corrupt, however after his resignation no court action was taken by the government. Journalists and news advisors concur that the newspaper was closed due to it’s constant effort publishing corruption practices, sexual abuses and other major crimes. Further, this newspaper was the only one not accepting bribes, trying to publish correct and justifiable news. Read more on...

HRW: Liberian Police Corrupt

Now it is official. Just a day after my post on corruption, HRW follows me and publishes a 64p-report. I must admit, they cover more than just my single experience. Some interesting picks from their report: Elite armed units, such as the Police Support Unit, were frequently cited for violent abuses. I wrote about this on my old blog (still in German). It is sad, yet true. The police is not here to help you. They are the real rogues. Still today, this issue is not settled, and Totota citizens have received only a fraction of the money that was stolen from them. Thus it is not unexpected, that a recent UN assessment of the LNPF finds it unprepared to take over the country in terms of security. HRW further states, that Liberia’s anticorruption institutions, which should keep police corruption in check, are weak. Surprisingly, the new anti corruption law had passed the House of...

Bribe the police?

By mistake, Olando did a turn where e everybody turns, but noone should. So here’s a riddle for Transparency International Fans: Should I borrow my driver $5.- to bribe the police, or let them take him into custody, and pay the ‘official penalty’ of $150.-? And who should pay that?

A decade of aid dependence in Liberia