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Crafting for Christmas

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How phone calls and internet work in Liberia

Living in the Liberian hinterland bears challenges you can’t expect unless you’re there. One example is communication. While the internet connection is pretty stable and strong enough for emails and occasional surfing, you’re totally disconnected from Skype, YouTube and larger file downloads (there are means to overcome that, usually involving fiddling around with a server I run in Germany caching data for me and downloading it over night, but it’s still a hassle). But when it comes to phone calls, things get difficult. Of course, I can choose to make my phone calls from my normal cellphone. But as Germany is not a focus country of Liberia, I don’t profit from the 5ct/min price to the US, UK, Canada, India and China. Instead, I have to pay 40ct/min – which is still ok compared to the opposite direction (roughly 3€/min), but still expensive. Imagine a...

Tiny dogs in my yard

Global Corruption Barometer: Liberia

Whisky’s Offspring

Born on September 13 this year, five young puppies are now living with us.

Renovation in Totota

Skin-deep success: Liberia (The Economist)