Listen to the Tropical Rain

Enjoy 21sec of tropical rain! I am leaving my porch at 0:15 and enter my living room. Last night, it rained from 8pm until 9pm this morning! Pre-Order your 72min CD now! $129.- free shipping.

A new bike

Find the difference!

German Breakfast

“How do you start your day?” The muesli package asks me straight forward. “With a cup of coffee!” I am tempted to say. However, their muesli-like answer is: “Maybe with a 10k run through the forest?” Thanks. No. I’ll stick to my coffee. It is yet a phenomenon where my morning products come from: the milk? From Germany. The chocolate spread? From Germany. The jam? From Germany. The muesli? From Germany. Only the bread is locally made, but: the flour is from Germany! Weird world. Bon appetite!