What would you answer?

A man asks a passing person: “Can you please tell me where to find the train station?” Here are some answers. How would your’s look like? Education Specialist: “Of course I know where to find the station. But it would be better if you could find out yourself!” Social Worker: “Get in the car, I’ll drive you there.” Talk Therapist: “You don’t know where the train station is, and that does not only make you sad, but also a little bit angry.” Psychoanalyst: “The train station? You think about this dark cave where these long things go in and out?” Behaviour Therapist: “Lift up your right foot. Move it a little bit forward. Now place it down again. Good!” Family Therapist: “What do you think your sister thinks about your parents’ feelings when they know that you want to go to the train...

Growth Rate

The World Bank, African Development Bank, and dozens others monitor the development of sub-Saharan countries constantly. I monitor James’ body height in more or less regular intervals: GDPs are calculated in different ways – so because of the outlook, I took the data from the African Development Bank Group (received Jan 22, 2014, here). My own empirical observation provided me with growth data of James’ body height. Year Δ GDP Liberia Δ Height James 2012 8.9% 6.3% 2013 7.7% 5.9% 2014 5.4% 5.6%   Let’s see, how that correlates to each other and find out if James’ change in height could function as a predictor for the GDP-change in Liberia. R, my favourite statistics-tool, does it in a really fast way: > gdpliberia = c(8.9, 7.7, 5.4) > deltajames = c(6.3, 5.9, 5.6) > cor(gdpliberia, deltajames) [1] 0.9659277 Significantly! James’ growth...

Australian Prime Minister’s response – worth to see.

Whisky’s Offspring

Born on September 13 this year, five young puppies are now living with us.

Renovation in Totota

Things that got stolen or missing from me since I arrived in Liberia

This is a non-comprehensive list of all the things that got stolen or missing since I arrived. For those items marked in Bold eyewitness reports or other evidence point towards one criminal, however, prosecution is pointless; those marked in Italics, I conceive suspicion, but am not 100% sure. The rest just disappeared. 1 nice watch 1 cheap, but useful multimeter to measure voltage, etc. Money Car tires Fuel (around 20gal ± 76l) 6 shovels 1 nice, historic German hammer 3 wonderfully straight 50x300x4200mm teak wood planks iPhone 4 2 pillow cases in white Every week, the post finds a better use of my TIME Magazine subscription than handing it over to me I will update this list if necessary. However, being a good Lutheran, I live to his explanation of the 1st commandment, which reads: That now, I say, upon which you set your heart and put your trust is properly your god. So – no...

Oktoberfest in Totota

Trying hard to integrate, some days remain special – such as this little Oktoberfest lunch, marking the tip of Liberia’s imported food. Can you be less integrated? Living far away from home does not necessarily imply to miss out everything. So we had our own Oktoberfest lately in Totota – with Weisswurscht, Brez’n and süßem Senf. And of course Franziskaner! James did not like the mustard, but the sausage. Yet he thought me to be stupid by peeling it. Although this makes me happy on one side, it reminds me of the huge accumulated needs this country and many others have to overcome in terms of self-sustained food. I don’t expect Liberia to produce Weißwurst or mustard (Senf), but everything is imported – even rice. So far, I can do only little: Encourage people to grow food, and grow my own greens, beans and corn. At...

A travel back in time

Edward surprised me today with a picture he found while searching for something else. Unfortunately, he can’t remember when it was taken, but looking at the children, and bearing in mind the location (Kpellimue), it can only be 2005. On the very left side, you can see James, and second to the right his sister Naomi. While I am quite used to tons of pictures and other devotional objects about children, this marks indeed a strong contrast! However, I am most happy to have an older picture, and so is James.