Neighbour’s Monkey

Crafting for Christmas

Can you see the difference?

I am sailing…!

We had the opportunity to do a short trip on a Dhau – a sailing boat that probably dates back to the 4th century AD and is widely spread along the Indian ocean. It also was common in the mediterranean sea, but later got replaced by larger types. Although dhaus don’t have a fin, they are deep enough to allow beating – in fact, a nice design and all handmade!  

Strolling along the Indian Ocean

A palm garden in Bagamoyo

Visiting a vocational school in Kenya

Couchsurfing in Nairobi

What a nice welcome at my host! We had Indian food – sitting on the floor. My first time!

A few garden images

Oktoberfest in Totota

Trying hard to integrate, some days remain special – such as this little Oktoberfest lunch, marking the tip of Liberia’s imported food. Can you be less integrated? Living far away from home does not necessarily imply to miss out everything. So we had our own Oktoberfest lately in Totota – with Weisswurscht, Brez’n and süßem Senf. And of course Franziskaner! James did not like the mustard, but the sausage. Yet he thought me to be stupid by peeling it. Although this makes me happy on one side, it reminds me of the huge accumulated needs this country and many others have to overcome in terms of self-sustained food. I don’t expect Liberia to produce Weißwurst or mustard (Senf), but everything is imported – even rice. So far, I can do only little: Encourage people to grow food, and grow my own greens, beans and corn. At...