Australian Prime Minister’s response – worth to see.

Couchsurfing in Nairobi

What a nice welcome at my host! We had Indian food – sitting on the floor. My first time!

Whisky’s Offspring

Born on September 13 this year, five young puppies are now living with us.

A few garden images

Free Rice!

Renovation in Totota

Skin-deep success: Liberia (The Economist)

Traditional Cassava fights have begun – Bong County excited!

Never before have the Kpelle people revealed their secret of the traditional Cassava fights to outsiders, until this year, when I stumbled over one of the traditional cassava swords and – puzzled – asked my local friends about its purpose and meaning. The century old tradition of cassava fights takes place as both a functional approach to ease tensions between villages and a rite of passage for young men on the edge of manhood. After successful participation, the young cassava warrior – ca’wa – becomes a formal member of the agricultural group, now being allowed to assist in the annual cassava harvest. During the traditional wars, all other disputes are suspended – a tradition that seems remarkably similar to the Olympic games of ancient Greece. However, it was not possible to reveal the origins of this tradition. The traditional cassava fight is an...