KoBoToolbox: Data collection in difficult environments

We have recently started to switch from paper-based assessments to digital assessments using the KoBoToolbox. What started as a tiny experiment has now grown into a system-wide application that is used daily by our M&E Officers.

What is a real add-on is that there is a small Android application which allows you to collect data offline. This tool, KoBoCollect, stores empty assessment routines (called “blank forms”) and collected data (including photos, videos, audio) and submits them once you have internet access.

We are currently using it for:

  • a nation-wide eye vision test
  • monthly monitoring routines
  • financial reporting
  • regular updates on student numbers.
KoBoToolbox: Project Overview

Once uploaded, you can export data in various formats, among them excel data for further processing. It has helped to safe costs and expedites our monitoring work – which in turn upgrades transparency, accountability and more! Thanks to UN OCHA for funding this excellent set of tools.

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