EDUC 309: Educational Statistics

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If you need to get in touch with me, please use the email provided on the assignment documents. I will post answers to the assignments here shortly after each Saturday’s lesson, so please note that late homework will not be accepted.

1. General materials

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2. Homework and assignments

By diligently working on your homework and submitting it in the following lesson, you can earn up to 40% of your final grade. You are encouraged to work in groups, however, you will still have to submit individual answers.

Note: If you work in groups, you must indicate the name of all group members on your answer sheet.

DateAssignments and solutions
Feb 16, 2019: Summation Notation
If you are not sure about the principles of summation notation (or sometimes called sigma notation), you can find an introduction at Stop after each sentence to make sure you fully understand what is described.
Assignment #01
Solution to assignment #01
Feb 23, 2019: Data types
If you are not sure about today’s class, you can find an excellent summary by Niklas Donges on towardsdatascience.
Assignment #02
Solution to assignment #02
Mar 9, 2019: Averages and percentages. The data set we used in class is listed above as student data set #1. If you are unsure about percentages, look at this excellent video. Assignment #03
Solution to assignment #03

3. Further resources

 You can learn a lot about statistics online. Depending on your future career, consider the following suggestions: